Journal of Lung Health and Diseases is a special feature on Respiratory Diseases and Health. It provides valuable insight into the detection, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of lung diseases both acute and chronic. It is dedicated to publication of original work in research, research methods, and program evaluation in the field of respiratory health. The Journal also regularly publishes editorials and commentaries and serves as a forum for health policy analysis. The mission of the Journal is to advance lung health research, policy, practice, and education.

The journal places its highest priority on fair and rapid review and speedy publication. The journal aims to publish the best scientific research in the field of lung health, to serve as a forum for diverse viewpoints on major lung health issues and policies, to promote diverse lung health practice models, to increase public and professional understanding of lung health problems and their solutions through delivery channels relevant to different audiences and their needs. To achieve this impactful and novel target, the articles submitted as manuscript to the journal goes through a rigorous peer-review process making sure that quality of the matter, but not quantity, is given prime importance. Reviewed papers usually receive careful scrutiny by reviewers and additional assessment by the responsible associate editor, deputy editor, and editor-in-chief. Its unique online features involve that it is a delivery channel of special importance to those in the research, academic, student, and practice communities. Other features include focused searches for related articles or articles by the same author; online letters to the editor; email alerts to newly published content; citation tracking and management; access to supplementary material; and a variety of help and feedback features to assist you in your searches.

This journal aims to raise lung health awareness of global public, and also provide a platform for pulmonologists to share and discuss their ideas which play a key role in the development of enhanced diagnostic and treatment regimens further improving the quality of life in people suffering from pulmonary disorders.